Our Story

European experts and investors from Dubai had a meeting in 2016 to create something new. Based on their market research, these investors came to the conclusion that there is significant business potential in launching a new cosmetics startup if it’s combined with digital currencies. The European experts guaranteed the high quality, that’s why we hired the best professionals from Europe. The only thing that mattered was to create a high quality luxury product line. The outcome is the Luxgoldcare by Age D’or. We purchased the packaging material in New York, the ingredients were acquired in Paris, we ordered the basic materials from 8 different countries and the production takes place in the United Kingdom. We contacted the best cosmetics experts, the most popular designers and outstanding marketing professionals to create something truly special. This is what defines the Luxgoldcare by Age d’or product family. And last but not least we are really proud that we are the first company that accepts payment with ilcoin.